Here are some examples of my work, and comments from my customers owners!

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Bella the Cockapoo

"Thank you again for Grooming Bella , Bella will be two next week so is calming down, I will always remember how patient you were when she had her first few grooming sessions. It's so nice that she is always so pleased to see you"  - Julie, High Wycombe.

Bella the beautiful Cockapoo before grooming
Bella the Cockapoo after her Million Dollar Dogs treatment
Tigger the very handsome Australian Labradoodle
Tigger the very handsome Australian Labradoodle

Coco the very pretty Springer Spaniel before and after her Million-Dollar-Dogs treatment. She was a lot calmer than her last visit. She has a beautiful coat.

Bren the very handsome English Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier before his grooming session

Bren the English Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

"I have a soft coated wheaten terrier and wanted to find a groomer who would groom my dog to the standard that will show off his breed to the full. Anne has a good understanding of different dog types and cuts your dogs hair to suit your dog. Whilst my dog hates the hair dryer, Anne ensures that Bren is comfortable with the noise and gives him positive attention at all times."  - Andrea, Bren's owner.

Bren the English Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier after his grooming session

This is Ginny the 14 1/2 year old Border Terrier. Her last groom was 9 months ago so she was in need! She's now booked in for 5 months time. Very sweet old lady.

Ginny the Border Terrier in need of a groom
Ginny the Border Terrier - what a transformation!
Tigger the very handsome Australian Labradoodle
Tigger the very handsome Australian Labradoodle

Tigger the Australian Labradoodle

"Just wanted to thank you so much for doing such a great job on Tigger yesterday. He looks fab - I thought you were so lovely with him and loved how professional your vehicle was. I'm going to tell all my doggy friends about you! It's a great personal service and we will def use you again"  - Fiona, Beaconsfield.

Ted the Schnauzer before grooming

Ted the Schnauzer

"Hi Anne, I'm so glad we found you! After some serious pampering from you yesterday, Ted looks the best I've ever seen him and he's far more relaxed than he usually is after a full grooming session. I can promise you that he'll only be coming to you (or more accurately, you'll be coming to us) from now on. Thanks so much."  - Tim, Downley, High Wycombe.

Ted the Schauzer looking very smart!
Poppy the pretty Cavachon

The left-hand picture is Poppy the pretty Cavachon after her Million-Dollar-Dogs grooming session in the new salon.

And on the right, Cocker Spaniel brothers Monty & Christo after their grooming session. These dogs are so lovely natured.

Monty & Christo - Cocker Spaniel brothers

Maggie the Collie x Lab

Maggie was good as gold in the bath but not sure about the dryer. Lots of de shedding, thinning to get rid of the bulk of coat and very thick areas. A happy dog after her Million-Dollar-Dogs treatment.

Maggie in the bath
Maggie after her Million Dollar Dogs treatment
Lola the large Labradoodle - lots of tight curly hair before her groom

Lola the large Labradoodle before and after her Million-Dollar-Dogs groom. She's the first dog to walk up the steps into my new stainless steel bath! She had to have a total clip down as she has tight curly hair that is difficult for her owners to maintain. Luckily, they like her short all over. Lovely dog.

Lola the Labradoodle tightly clipped and very smart
Pip the Cavachon nervous before his grooming
Pip the Cavachon very happy after his groom

Pip the Cavachon

" I was so pleased with Pip's appearance. He looks so cute, smells lovely and he was the most relaxed I've seen him in weeks which I'm very grateful for. He obviously thoroughly enjoyed the experience so I'm so glad I found you. Thank you for being so kind and patient with him as an owner of a much loved little pooch who has a nervous disposition its such a relief to find a groomer you can have total confidence in. As a consequence we will definitely be using your salon from here on in. "  - Lesley.

Coco and Poppy

A pair of sweet Toy Poodles. It makes me want another Poodle myself!

Poppy the Toy Poodle before grooming
Poppy the Toy Poodle looking sweet

Poppy is at the top, Coco is below.

Toy Poodle Coco before being groomed
Coco the Toy Poodle looking so elegant
Ellie the Bichon Frise before grooming

Ellie the Bichon Frise

"You've given her the best groom ever! I'm absolutely delighted! I've found my new groomer"  - Paul, Aylesbury.

Ellie the Bichon Frise after ‘her best groom ever’
Morgan the Airedale before grooming
The elegant Morgan the Airedale

Morgan the Airedale

Dolly the Cockapoo

"I use Anne because she is the Tony and Guy of dog groomers, not only is she the best but Dolly absolutely loves her, is never stressed, just knows she is in safe hands. Worth every penny and more!!!"  - Alison, Cookham.

Dollie the Cockapoo before grooming
The lovely Dollie after her grooming session